How to Find a Safe Online Pharmacy

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If you need prescription drugs, the safest and cheapest place to get them is from a local pharmacy with a prescription from your doctor. If you can't or won't do that for whatever reason, and that's why you're wondering about an online pharmacy; here is some useful information:

  • The prices for "no prior prescription" online pharmacies (OPs) are very high and the less screening they require, the higher the prices you will pay.
  • US pharmacies can be separated into two categories; those who require medical records be sent to them and those who don't, and this division is also related to which drugs the pharmacies offer. To put it simply, if you want viagra, diet pills, muscle relaxers, etc., you can get them at a lot of places just by filling out a form, but if you want opiates it's a lot more complicated. 
  • If you want opiates from a US based pharmacy; the very least you'll have to come up with are medical records. There may be additional requirements as well, such as a home visit from a medical technician or a telephone consultation with their doctor. If you need opiates and you can't, or won't get a copy of your medical records, then the only option is a foreign pharmacy.
  • Foreign pharmacies are dicey because even when they are reliable, your drugs may be seized by Customs. If that happens, you will receive a scary letter from them that you can safely ignore. Customs isn't going to seize your package and then arrest you. If anything, they'd have it delivered first and THEN arrest you. But the chance of that happening is slim to none, because they have bigger fish to fry. 
  • If your shipment is seized, some foreign pharmacies will reship and some won't. If Customs has identified the source address or the packaging, they may seize the reshipments as well. It's a rare foreign pharmacy that is willing and able to adjust as necessary to insure that their shipments get through consistently. 
  • The safest foreign pharmacies are in Western Europe. The risk of rip-offs and fake drugs increases dramatically the farther east you go. Asia, Central and South America are really a crap shoot unless you first take the time to find out who has a reliable track record. There aren't any "no prior prescription" pharmacies in Canada or Australia that will ship to the US.
  • Always pay with a credit card, if possible. If you send money by Western Union to a foreign pharmacy, the chances of getting ripped-off are very high.
  • Don't ever give your real phone number or you'll be sorry. It will be sold and resold forever, and you'll be getting lots of calls from foreign telemarketers claiming to be your "pharmacy" and asking if you are ready for a refill. If that happens to you, there's only one solution; change your number. And in the future always use a fake phone number on all web forms.
  • Avoid any kind of membership deal that promises to give you links to online pharmacies for anything you want in exchange for a monthly fee.  You don't need to pay for this information. All you need to do is a little research, to avoid rip-offs and so you know what to expect.

Good luck.

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